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MarCap has successfully acquired ISO 9001:2015 certified by Bureau Veritas to ensure the highest quality in servicing our clients.

Continuously at its best and demonstrating a strict compliance in implementing Health and Safety Management Systems, MarCap has acquired OHSAS Certification 18001:2007 and OSHAD 2016 for Comprehensive Integration Management System for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) issued in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Apart from it, MarCap has also acquired ISO 14001:2017 compliance to Environmental Management System.


MarCap has complied and met the regulations of the International Safety Management ISM code certified, an industry standard that places it in a position of undisputed strength. Certification endorsed by Bureau Veritas.


MarCap has also met the requirements of the International Ship & Port Security (ISPS) – and is ISPS code certified. Certification endorsed by Lloyds Register.


MarCap has established its own Operational Standards which are anchored steadfast in Quality, Commitment and Assurance.

MarCap’s HSEQ Policy underlines the need for continuous improvement in quality processes and standards, ensuring safe and streamlined operation of vessels and services. Our assurance guarantees performance that meets International requirements and codes in the Marine Industry.

MarCap follows a clearly outlined HSEQ Manual which sets out the general policy for quality aspect, protecting the health, safety, and welfare of its employees at work, as well as environmental preservation.

Our Target

To operate in an integrated HSEQ Management System and to be recognized as one of the global leaders in the Maritime Services Industry.

The guidelines include:

  • Conform to customer requirements in order to ensure satisfaction and confidence in capturing international markets.

  • Develop quality oriented culture among employees as well as providing outstanding Maritime Services by doing the job right from the start.

  • To minimize risks to employees, property and the community at large, ensure that the facilities are designed with safety features, and that work activities and operations are conducted in a safe manner with systematic examination and assessment of vessel, equipment and procedures.

  • Conduct all activities while ensuring minimum health risks to employees, contractors and others.

  • Identify the risk of pollution associated with any of its activities, products or services, which will then be either eliminated or controlled, and where predictable, meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.